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Hello everyone .Today I came up with a new project for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit.In every part of our science conversions play a major role.So to make the conversion easier, I made this simple program.

From the above program, It get Celsius as input from user and just used conversion formula and display the final value as output.Output of the program are given below.

Hello everyone.In this session we will talk about how to print a pyramid pattern using python.It is just a simple program,The important thing is logic.Pyramid structure gradually increases from top to bottom.For example take a group of star and place one star then place another two stars below and continue keeping them consecutively,Then you will notice the structure of pyramid.I think you will get my point after going through the below program.

From the above, The number of stars increases gradually along with decrease in space given before the stars .From the below output you will understand the concept and logic behind the program

I hope that all states have declared the class 12 results.I think all of you are OK with your marks.To help the students to find their cutoff ,I have programmed a simple cutoff calculator for student to find their cutoff using this program.

Hello guys.Welcome back, Today I came up with a new program to print the products of sequence of the number from 1 to 20.So without no more delay ,Lets get started.

Hello everyone.Today I came up with a new program to calculate simple interest.First you guys should know about what is simple interest.The given below is the best definition of simple interest.

(‘interest paid or computed on the original principal only of a loan or on the amount of an account’)

Let’s move on to the project.

So mentioned above is the small project for calculating simple interest.This program uses simple mathematical formula for calculating simple interest.The output of the program are given below.

Hello guys,Welcome you all.I hope that all are safe in this pandemic situation.Those who are not get vaccinated please be aware and get vaccinated and help to fight against corona virus.

Today we are going to talk about factorial.First factorial means it is the product of sequence of decreasing order of numbers.For example (factorial of 5 means 5*4*3*2*1=120).

The program of the factorial is given below.

In this program software asks input from user.Then it gives the factorial of the given number.Here you have to note that the range value is given from one,Because if the range value is given…

Hello guys,once again i came up with my new and small project called translator. So in this page we are going to discuss about working of my program with help of SQL database. So lets move on.

Hello Guys,welcome back.Today i came up with a new basic project on the topic ATM. In this article i am going to discuss about the basic function and working of ATM.With no further delay lets get stated…

First all must understand that some of the technological application are working due to some program which are present in it.Similarly ATM machine also have some program. Due to all these programs ,ATM’s are working and responding to our command such as withdrawal,deposit, check balance etc. Such commands from the user are recognized by the program and act according to it. Have you…

Hello guys,Today I came up with a new program which is similar to the previous program that has been posted before. But slightly different. Today we are going to discuss about a security program which is the base for a windows security system.


So,Today I came up with a new python program based on security.Before moving to program let me clarify what is mean by security?


The term security means protecting something, it may be gold,cash,document…etc,.Today in this modern world most of us depends on mobile, computer, ATM or any other machines which makes our work easier.In such machines there maybe be an important data, document or expensive item stored in it.To protect these things we need security.So,now we are going to discuss about program related to security known as user name and password.



Cs student, a basic python learner.

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