Hello Guys,welcome back.Today i came up with a new basic project on the topic ATM. In this article i am going to discuss about the basic function and working of ATM.With no further delay lets get stated…

First all must understand that some of the technological application are working due to some program which are present in it.Similarly ATM machine also have some program. Due to all these programs ,ATM’s are working and responding to our command such as withdrawal,deposit, check balance etc. Such commands from the user are recognized by the program and act according to it. Have you ever thought that where do our data of balance amount,card number,username etc are stored. Every tech applicant have their own data to be stored from the user… for example especially mobile games stores the achievement and records of the player after completion of every game. Even if you open it after 5 years you will able to see your record still in your profile. So to store any type of data we need a database platform. So today I used SQL platform to store the data of the ATM.


The procedure of my ATM project is to connect my SQL with python .Then it asks to insert card . Here you have to note that while inserting your card in ATM the bar code reader captures the bar code or card number from the card .So it shows the card number of the particular person will be correct.The only place where he makes mistake is in his password. So i coded that the program will ask to print correct password until he enters the correct pin number. If it exceeds more than three times then it prints all the chances is over. If he enters correct pin it prints “WELCOME” and the “USERNAME” and ask for a choice to deposit amount withdrawal amount get receipt and exit.

If we enter the choice of deposit it asks how much amount to deposit.After we enter the amount it prints “Amount is deposited is successfully” and the amount will be updated in the SQL database.To check the balance we have to enter the choice of “GET RECEIPT”where we will get the full data about the use

If we enters the choice to withdrawal ,it asks how much amount to withdraw .After we enter the amount to withdraw it prints “Amount withdrawal is successful” and the balance amount is updated as Balance amount (Balance amount minus withdrawal amount).After withdrawal enter choice to see the receipt and there you will see that the balance amount got deducted.

If we enter the option to show ‘receipt’ it shows us balance,username,and card number. It will not show password because it is highly confidential.

If we enter the choice of ‘exit’ it breaks the while loop and prints ‘Thank you visit again’….


So this is the functioning of ATM using python….


Cs student, a basic python learner.